Quite a Bounty

Usually afterwork I hit a couple of thrift stores for a quick run in, look at the records in disgust and then run out. Last Friday I had no intention of going to any of these as I had been pretty sick of seeing the same crappy records for the last few weeks.

Usually the first four records are all I need to flip through to determine if is going to be worth my time to darken my fingers with disgusting dirty record dust. Usually its something like Jim Naybors, Boston Pops, Chuck Mangione, Barbara Streisand and I am out the door. On this day the first record was Led Zeppelin II, which was a good sign, meaning that these records had not entirely been picked over. The next one was The Who – once again not a bad start. I flipped through a few unremarkable records and all of a sudden there is a Charlie Parker record then a Mingus record, then a Pharoah Saunders record. I started making a pile of all the records that were a go. There were old mono Rolling Stones records, Brian Eno, The Kinks, Love….I could feel the sweat forming on my brow as I feverishly flipped through the stack. I started glancing around quickly to make sure that no one else was approaching. I was like a Hyena and I was scavenging the vinyl remains of someone‚Äôs musically open minded youth.

I exited the thrift store with 36 records, all marked at 99 cents a piece. I loaded up my car and headed straight home so that the Arizona sun would not lay its final claim on this stack of vinyl.

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