Music for clowns

The other day I was in Subway, and I noticed that the young man preparing my veggie sub had the crazy hatchet man logo used by the musical group Insane Clown Posse tattooed on his forearm. When my friend and I sat down I pointed this out to him and he had no idea what I was referring to. He knew neither of this logo or even of the existence of this afformentioned band. At that moment I envied my friend and wished that my brain lacked any knowledge about this clown rock band, my friend was a lucky man, so very lucky…


3 Responses to “Music for clowns”

  1. brandon adamson Says:

    update more

  2. Sherman Boyd Says:

    I’m tired of you music supremacists. ICP is a highly respected band in the horrorcore genre and Juggalos have been suffering this kind of persecution since 1992. In the end, Jeff, you come off as some kind of indie music jock giving the other kids verbal wedgies just because the dress a little differently. Respect.

  3. Sherman Boyd Says:

    oh yeah, categorize that shit!

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