The Expanding Universe

The President of the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Club Addresses His Fellow Members

Good evening everyone and I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend full of star gazing!

First off I would like to talk about last week’s costume party. I’m so glad that all of you showed up and stuck to the theme. There are a couple things I’d like to bring up so that next year’s costume party will be a Supernova!

Larry, I am sure that you thought your literal interpretation of Gas Giant was hilarious but no one else was laughing. I have a small apartment and you made it very difficult to breathe even with all of the windows open. Bryce has Asthma and had to use his inhaler. In the future I would hope that you would have more consideration for the other members of the club.

And Phil, nice job on utilizing your sunburn into your Red Dwarf costume but next time you need to wear something a little bit more than bikini briefs.

Barbara, your costume of Mother Earth – wearing a globe on your head and bringing your eight-year old son Brian was cute but I did not appreciate him disassembling my model of the solar system and using Mars as a ball. I still haven’t been able locate Neptune and if it happens to show up at your residence please let me know.

Derek, we’ve been over this issue many times. I think that everyone else in the club would agree that your choice to attend as the “Planet” Pluto was a slap in the face to us all.

I hope that none of you took this personally as some of you inhabit very different galaxies as far as what is considered appropriate. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s talk about the upcoming potluck. Please no Milky Way bars – you must bring something that is an actual food, Harvey I’m looking at you!

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