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Food in Review – Box o’ Meat

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Box O’ Meat” will not win any awards for product design.  Housed inside of a dull, white-plastic box, with a handle connecting the sides, it could easily be mistaken for a box containing detergent, salt or any other type of inedible item.  When one brings home this unassuming box and peels back the lid only a hint of its true beauty is revealed.  Once the box has been turned upside down and the glistening block of meat contained within is liberated, can one behold the true splendor that is this new processed meat product.

SPAM has dominated the potted meat market for decades with its stampede of overly salted swine “Box O’ Meat” is a refreshing alternative.  This is a graceful ballet of flavor, where animals such as Emu, Aardvark, Penguin and Gazelle take turns pirouetting upon one’s taste buds.  Nowhere in nature would any of the thirty odd species of animal found in this meaty confection be found nibbling upon the same leaf buds, or drinking side by side from the same stream, but within “Box O’ Meat” they peacefully and deliciously coexist.

Whether cut into one inch slabs, then cooked in yak butter and served on rye with wasabi mustard or eaten straight from its plastic bucket, one will be floored by the taste of the fauna found within.  Rest assured that each wondrous mouthful of intermingling animal proteins can be enjoyed without guilt.  40% of all proceeds go towards protecting the natural habitats that these animals were plucked from. Biodiversity can now be enjoyed in one’s kitchen, and it has never tasted so good.


Saturday, May 30th, 2009

 Eric Bills yanking a frontside air off of the metal wall of a pipe somewhere off of the 202. One of my favorite photos of one of my favorite friends.

Eric Bills Fronside Air