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New Year’s Resolutions

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

New Year’s Resolutions
It is another New Year and instead of making such resolutions as “Take pilates class” or “alphabetize record collection to second letter of artist’s last name” I have decided to take on some resolutions that I hope are attainable, the first of which is “See more movies.”

I never watch movies. I mean, I somehow missed out on the movie ET. All I know is that it involves a dimwitted creature and a boy who gets into some sort of trouble involving Reese’s Pieces, a bicycle and an Atari 2600.

So far, in the two weeks that have been 2008 I have probably seen more movies in the theater then I saw all of last year.

Here is what I have seen-

Juno: Not a good way to start off my New Year’s resolution. I really wish there could have been a tie in with the movie “Alien versus Predator” and that Predator, that brave intergalactic hunter, could have poured his magical vial of blue liquid all over these characters, dissolving them into piles of “indie” culture referencing goop.

Alien versus Predator 2: Sleeper comedy of 2008, I laughed way more at this then Juno. Kind of recommended…

There Will Be Blood: A movie of complete awesomeness that made me want to eat a thick steak washed down with a tall glass of oil. Highly recommended!

So that’s it so far.