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Back from the dead (but just barely)…

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Last tuesday evening I felt like I might be coming down with the flu, I had a slight headache and felt like I had no energy. Instead of thinking, “Hey I better just rest tonight” I thought that going jogging would make feel better. I thought it would be good to get the blood flowing and that by going jogging it would somehow mobilize my immune system, making my white blood cells as strong as the North Korean Army.

I was wrong, the next day I felt like I had contracted a virus that could not be of this earth. This sickness, which struck on Halloween could only have had its origins in pure evil.

I missed work for two days, and learned the following things:

1. The dog that starts barking at 7:00 am when I usually wake up, barks all day – maybe this is a normal thing, or this hellhound somehow knew my misery and was only tring to contribute to it.

2. There is nothing “light” about the light rail construction going on in my neighborhood. And from what I could conclude from listening to the clink and clanks all day, the city of Phoenix must have an army of trained apes striking at the bare tracks all day with lead pipes.

3. Drinking coffee does not speed up the recovery process.

So now I am doing okay, with only a slight head cold.

The dog still barks all day, but now it sounds like sweet music.

Stay healthy out there kids.